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DEC 23, 2018

DEC 23, 2018
Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream that people are discussing politics in a big room that, "if the circumstances get bad then Imran Khan’s government will end and after that Army or someone else will take over".
I said that "if Imran Khan’s government ends then the elections will be held and people will again vote for Imran Khan because he hasn’t been tested properly yet".
Until Imran Khan's productivity becomes less than 30% people will not come to know about his lack of success and then after that some other system will be established.
Imran Khan is the last political option.
After him such a system of governance will be implemented which will be Islamic and it will be a presidential form of government.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I just finished my bath and wore new clothes and went outside to a park.
I saw that the main doors were opened, then I saw Prophet Muhammad ﷺ there and He ﷺ looked anxious.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was walking here and there in worry and I could not resist so I went to stand next to him, in case He ﷺ had something to tell me.
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: "Oh Qasim, I was waiting for you so come here."
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ walked in front of me so I followed him and Rasulullah ﷺ took me somewhere far away and there was a big building there.
Rasulullah ﷺ took me inside the building and He ﷺ said:
"My son, look, this was the building of my Islam, the leaders inside were not doing me and my Islam any justice, and these people formed groups and many of them became the slaves of the Disbelievers, since then the leaders of this building were not working sincerely, they also didn't care about the poor and they also didn't give any justice.”
"Even the effects of this had reached the levels below them and all the people followed the footsteps of their leaders or where forced to follow the footsteps of their leaders, and there were turmoils and injustice everywhere and because of this,"
"My Islam has been humiliated in every part of the world. Indeed, I want you to become the leader of my Ummah because you treat me with sincerity and you did your works with just and without asking anybody for help except Allah ﷻ and you will give wealth to those in need,"
"And spread justice, and its effects will reach all the common people and everyone will become happy and peace will spread everywhere and the whole world will see that this is the real Islam."
Then Qasim said, "As you command.”
After hearing this, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ become happy and said, “Oh my son, do not fear a thing for Allah ﷻ is with you and Allah ﷻ has promised me that He ﷻ will not ever leave you even once.” (Dream ends)


Qasim’s dream: I found myself at a place just like Pakistan which was not well developed, very far I see some buildings and good houses.
I say: ‘’I should go there because that place is better than this.’’
Then I go there and see good buildings, houses and many people, all of a sudden I hear a blast and I feel hotness, people were crying for help, by the Grace of Allah, ﷻ He saves me. 
When I reach the people to help them, I find many dead and injured people were crying miserably, there body was melting.
I say: ‘’What type of blast was this?, If I hold someone’s hand, it is separated from his body as his body is melting.’’
I say: ‘’What is this hell,? so many dead and those who are injured will have no hope to recover and are dying too with pain.’’
A man who was luckily saved says to me: ‘’Qasim! Get out from here, this place is not safe.’’
Then I hear another blast and a series of blasts started after.
I say: ‘’I couldn’t help anyone in this situation.’’
Then I run back from that place to the previous one and say: ‘’However, this place is under developed but better than that developed placed.’’
Then I think: ‘’Who is doing these blasts and how and when can they be stopped?’’ (Dream ends)


I saw Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was sitting with his Companions (r.a). I told myself that "Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the Companions (r.a) such as Abu Bakr (r.a) and Umar(r.a) had established Islam and now I have to rebuild the true Islam, just like 1400 years ago."
Then Allah ﷻ came and said that "You are not alone, I am on your side." Dream ends.


People are talking among themselves that there are tall buildings in the other countries but there is none in Pakistan. 
Then an idea comes in my mind that I should make a building, In the dream I see that the tallest building of the world has 110 floors. 
I have a plot of land and I ask someone ‘’If a building can be built on that land?’’ 
He said ‘’That it is impossible, for a building you need a big plot of land and this plot is only 10 marlas or around 25 square meters,’’ and I replied to him that "So what at least the building can be constructed.” 
He said to me that "There are some government rules and regulations as well, you can’t build more than a 3 story building otherwise they will intervene and stop you.”
Then I said to myself that ‘’I should try, I will construct the building so quietly and quickly that no one will come to know about it and when everyone will see the building they will become happy.’’ 
I start the work at night time and perhaps within a single day I manage to build around a 3 to 4 story building. 
Then I also do the interior designing and I build flats in such a way that each floor has one flat which people can rent out and each flat will have kitchen, rooms and washrooms. 
Then in 3 to 4 days that building has already reached 30 to 40 stories. 
I also design and make the interior, then I see that there are some people who are working on the interior as well. 
I got surprised that ‘’Who are these people and who has called them here?’’ 
I talked to them and they said that ‘’We are here to do the work, the work you are doing is very good but we are improving its interior so that people get impressed by it.’’ 
Those people were working very hard and they almost do nonstop work. 
They put some chemical on the wall and rubbed it and the wall started to shine. 
I asked them that ‘’Why are you using chemical and even to apply it you are wearing special gear and it is not an easy job to rub it either.’’ 
They said that ‘’Without this chemical the floor and walls will not shine and neither will someone like them,’’ I said to them ‘’Do as you like.’’ 
Then I told them that ‘’Tomorrow this building will reach 60 stories’’ and they replied ‘’That is fine.’’ 
Next morning when I arrived then that building had really reached sixty stories and it could be seen from a faraway distance. 
When I entered the building then those people were working inside on the next 20 stories of the building, however the wall on one of the sides was not built yet. 
Here I got a bit worried that we have built sixty stories but what if the building collapses as it is weak and a wall on one of the sides is also not built yet. 
I only thought about this and suddenly a machine with a pipe arrived there and started filling the concrete, upon seeing this I became satisfied. 
Then after this perhaps some people came there to see the building thinking that ‘’Who has built it?’’ 
Since it was good from inside so the people also liked it. 
Some people went to the top story and started watching Lahore city to see how it looked like from such height. 
I said to myself that ‘’There is no railing up there and what if someone falls down.’’ 
Then I went upstairs to put the railing but it got installed by itself. 
All this work was done by the mercy of Allah. ﷻ
Then those people brought some big people inside that building so that more people come to know about it. 
When some media people came to know about the building then they came with cameras and reporters to see the building. 
At this point I think I went inside the building to check its interior, when I went up to the roof then those people were present there and they were showing it on the television that ‘’So far this is the tallest building of Pakistan.’’ 
When I arrive at the top my dress also changed. 
Those people talked to the media persons but when I arrived then the journalists said that ‘’Qasim has also come here, we should ask him that how did he make this building?’’ 
I had a back pack on me that was hanging off my shoulder like a school bag but it was small. 
When I am about to run and jump off the building then those people who were working there they said to me that ‘’What are you doing?, you want to fall and die?’’ 
The people from the media also get worried and I think I told them that ‘’No need to be worried.’’ 
Then I jump off the building and I remain in the air and I told them that ‘’This bag that I have on me has a special gas in it and it can carry the weight of a single person.’’ 
Then I ran and went further away and looked at the building and said that ‘’This has to become the tallest building of the world and by the mercy of Allah ﷻ this job has become easier now.’’ 
When people saw me running in the air then they became very happy and the people of the media were also happy. 
It felt as if now a lot of people have come to know about this building because people were also watching me from down below and one or two TV channels were also showing this through the live broadcast.
12-28-2018 Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim

 I saw in a dream that Allah ﷻ is explaining something to the Muslims but they do not pay attention.
Allah ﷻ became angry and said to me "Qasim,! Write my message and deliver to these people, they are not paying attention, I will inflict my wrath on them.”
Allah ﷻ is speaking in an angry tone and I do not have any other option but to write the message. 
Allah ﷻ starts speaking and says "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASOOLALLAH" meaning ‘‘There is no God but Allah ﷻ and Muhammad is his final Messenger.’’
After this Allah ﷻ narrates something which I do not remember.
Allah ﷻ is enraged and he speaks in an angry voice but this anger is not for me.
I keep writing and then some people come to me, they come to know that Allah ﷻ has told Qasim to write His message and Qasim is writing it continuously and delivering it to the people.
Allah’s ﷻ anger and annoyance remains constant and it continues and I become scared to write anymore due to the fear of Allah. ﷻ
I said to myself ‘’Why is Allah ﷻ asking me to write this message,? what can I do now as I do not have any other option?’’
Then I tell those people who are with me to write the remaining message, I tell them that ‘’Whatever Allah ﷻ is telling me I will narrate it to you and you just keep writing it, and one of them said "Yes that’s fine we will write it".
Allah ﷻ is watching all this and when those people are ready then Allah ﷻ starts speaking.
I listen to that and narrate it to those people and they keep writing it, this work is very good.
Allah’s ﷻ anger and rage is not for those people.
I said to myself that ‘’These people are quite courageous that they have started to write all this.
When Allah ﷻ has completed the message then one of them says that “The message Allah ﷻ has narrated is very dangerous and scary.”
India will also occupy some part of Pakistan, then I said to them ‘’Yes, but when Allah ﷻ will help us we will regain that area.’’
Then it also has to happen that an earthquake will come and the circumstances will get worse after that.
Then there is an earthquake of low intensity and we do not realize that it’s the same earthquake which we were waiting for and the news comes out that those people who were controlling the two big provinces, after this earthquake their houses have collapsed and they have died.
I said to myself that ‘’This was a very light earthquake but it has collapsed their houses.’’
But the circumstances get worse after this and no one knows what is happening and how to control the chaos.
Chaos spreads everywhere and it happens exactly how Allah ﷻ had narrated and there is darkness everywhere.
Then I wear some clothes and they even shine in the darkness and people can see me from a faraway distance.
 I was in my home in a room I took a shower and wore new clothes.
My home was very old, damaged and rusty and I was thinking about my dreams that “How many of my dreams came true?" And “Where am I according to my dreams?”
Then I think about it I said “My dreams related to people I meet came true so far, and these people are better then me they can do hard work and I am not able to do fast and hard work due to my weakness, if my weakness can go away I would do work like they are doing.’’
Then I said ‘’Any way, lets go, maybe more dreams will come true soon.’’
Then I went out from the room and went to the road in front of my home and I was watching the scenery. 
Then I saw our old car coming and that car stopped right in front of me and two young boys came out, one is elder in age an the other one is younger.
When I saw the car and boys I said “Oh this is our old car, yes we got to fix it and now its able to run again by the help of Allah,” ﷻ and now young and hard working people are driving this car. 
The elder boy talked to the younger boy that ‘’We got to decorate things for this car, this car will look more good.’’ 
The youngest one said “Yes the guy will come soon to decorate this car.”
They unload decorations from the car and put them in the garage during this I did not talk to them.
I was just looking at them thinking “What are they doing,?” Then they went to the same home from where I came from.
Then i said “Yes we are again joining at one place, we were living at different places now we are gathering in our old home and soon more people will come to know us and they will join us soon.’’ 
Then I go inside the home to see what they are doing inside the home.
I saw about 4 to 5 people including these young boys, they were planing something saying “We have to do more good work.”
I look at them and I said let them make plans and don't disturb them, during all this I did not talk to any one and then I went outside again. 
When I go to the garage again, I saw a man who arranged the decorations.
When I saw him I said "I saw him before some where but I don't remember him.” 
So I ask him, “Who are you?" and what are you doing here?" 
I didn’t tell him that I saw him before, he said “I am a man who is decorating the cars and I came here because someone asked me to decorate their car,” I said “Yes I saw young boys talking about you.”
Then I asked “Are you good with it, I mean are you a professional?" 
He said “I already decorated many cars before, the cars you are seeing on the roads, I decorated them all, so don't worry I will decorate your car in a professional way.” 
Then I start working with him so there is not a single mistake left by decorating the car because when the other people see our car they should feel good by seeing our car. 
There was a box and in it there was colors and a brush they were beautiful colors and brushes. 
I never saw these type of colors before on any other cars.
Then I see some colors and brushes were missing in the box, I ask him “Why are they missing and where are they?" 
He said “This is all the decorations I have and these boys took them all and he said leave them.”
Then I said “Wait let me find it from the other decorations maybe they are in other places.”
Then I look at all the decorations and I say to Allah ﷻ “Help me find them.”
And then I find 3 to 4 colors and I give it to him and he said ‘’Nice you found some colors.’’ 
Then I said ‘’About 4 colors are still missing and the car will not be decorated properly.’’ Then he said “I will decorate it so no one will notice it.”
Then he starts decorating the car, and he said “When its ready people will ask about you how did you do this we never saw a decorated car before like this.” (Dream ends)

DEC 23, 2018

DEC 23, 2018 Muhammad Qasim saw in a dream that people are discussing politics in a big room that, "if the circumstances get bad the...